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What is the best time to begin taking your Social Security benefits?

Do you have a trust and/or a will?

Have you completed your estate planning?

Fostering financial wisdom is a powerful way to help your children and grandchildren build a solid, stable life — and help ensure you’re able to pass on your values and wealth in the future. Rather than keeping your finances private from your loved ones, we recommend including them in conversations about your goals and priorities. We also invite you to bring them to our next meeting. We’ll help them understand how we work together and what their roles and responsibilities may be in the future.

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding the best time to begin collecting social security benefits and we can help you with that decision to make sure you get the most of your benefits.  

A living trust is created while you are alive and funded with the assets you choose to transfer into it. The trustee has full power to manage these assets.   A will is an instrument of power. Creating one gives you control over the distribution of your assets. If you die without one, the state decides what becomes of your property, without regard to your priorities.

We work seamlessly together with many existing professionals with whom you have established long-term relationships to ensure that continuity is maintained.  We also have our own network of tax advisors and estate attorney’s we can recommend to you.

A properly planned estate can:

  • Protect the assets you’ve accumulated over the years
  • Ensure that your assets pass on to your beneficiaries as you intended
  • Enable faster transfer of assets by avoiding or at least accelerating probate
  • Provide for the continued financial security of your family
  • Insulate your estate from long-term health care expenses
  • Ensure that the majority of your wealth passes to your heirs by minimizing the taxation of your estate

We can help devise a Wealth Management Strategy that will play a vital role in securing your family’s financial future.  We help you determine the best plan of action for you and your family and help set up the appropriate arrangements and estate planning tools you need to ensure your wishes are followed as you intend.