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Supplemental health care coverage along with Medicare…

What legacy will I leave for my family?

The Advisor Connection

Webster’s Dictionary defines retirement using words such as “seclusion,” “privacy” and “withdrawal.” As financial consultants who have worked with many clients preparing for and experiencing retirement, it’s more like a “new beginning,” another exciting stage in life.  That is . . . for those who are well prepared.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people aged 65 years and older as well as those younger than 65 with specific disabilities or medical conditions. Medicare doesn’t cover all medical expenses or extended care, so you may need to consider additional insurance.

While money can’t buy happiness, money gives you more freedom to do what you want to do in life.  Whether that’s traveling the world, spending more time with your grandchildren, taking up a new hobby, using your talents to support something that you’re passionate about, or simply taking it easy, you need a nest egg to draw upon.  How much depends on your personal desires and dreams.

Think about the legacy you wish to leave and the impact you want to make. A legacy can come in many colors. It can be financial, institutional, instructional or wish fulfillment, or the passing on of values and life lessons. Legacy is not only what you leave behind, but the impact you make on others while alive. Be sure to live your values with your family, at work, and in your community. Nothing is more likely to survive you than your impact on the lives you touch today.

Finding a financial consultant whom you trust can sometimes be a difficult process, and personalities play a key role in the relationship.  Of course, you want someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, but you also want someone who will take the time to really understand what’s important to you - and that’s the Comprehensive Strategies' difference.

Keep in mind while pursuing your financial goals, we can also provide financial literacy for other members of your family as they begin building their own wealth management portfolios.

We would like to talk to you about what you want to do when you retire.  We can help you organize your finances, so you’re prepared for your “new beginning.” The most satisfying part of our job is helping our clients enjoying retirement as a result of thoughtful and timely preparation.

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